NISA organized first annual leadership summit, called 12000 bps together

The Times of India
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PUNE: The National Independent School Alliance (NISA), a national platform for low-fee and budget private schools has invited city schools for the NISA school leadership summit to be held on December 5 in New Delhi. This is the first annual leadership summit organised by NISA to bring together 175 budget private school leaders representing over 12,000 budget private schools. The summit will discuss challenges and existing gaps in the education system, and learn of existing opportunities and innovative practices in the education space to improve quality of schooling and student performance.

The summit will see representation from cross section of stakeholders such as investors, financial institutions, thought leaders, education service providers, principals of affordable school, proprietors and association heads.

The summit reflects a high-quality gathering of the best independent affordable schools in the country, with sharing of best practices in education and in the affordable school space from within India and outside.

The key sessions of the summit include - how to run a great school, power of networks, international experiences, student and parent recruitment and engagement, teacher recruitment and professional development, teaching English to first generation learners, technology in education, making learning fun, engaging with the right to education act among others.

NISA is a national platform fighting for the voice of low-fee and budget private schools in India. NISA aims to create an enabling ecosystem for budget private schools that are working to improve access to affordable and quality education for the economically weaker. NISA already represents over 6,000 schools from a dozen states in India including Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh among others.