Edupreneurs Empowering Small Town India

Education World
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Ekta Sodha on Cover Page of Education WorldIn response to swelling demand, progressive education entrepreneurs (aka edupreneurs) are establishing high-quality, nationally — and in some cases globally — benchmarked schools in India’s haphazardly growing tier-II/III cities.

- Dilip Thakore

Although critics of private education are ever ready to condemn “commercialisation of education” (while doing precious little to enable public/government schools to compete with them), they don’t seem to be aware that India’s edupreneurs, unreservedly acclaimed by Dr. James Tooley, professor of education at Newcastle-upon-Tyne University (UK) in his excellent but ignored book The Beautiful Tree (2009), are stepping in to educate  children from aspirational slum and poor households, at all price points. Jamnagar-based Ekta Sodha, who has a Masters in education, international leadership and management from Newcastle University and inherited two K-12 schools, is focused on delivering contemporary education at rock-bottom prices. Tuition fees in the five Sodha Group of K-X  schools which have an aggregate enrolment of 4,000 students, range between Rs.400-600 per month. At these price points the Sodha schools offer “a unique pedagogy based on technology and high-quality assessment programmes” which enable students to record consistent improvement in learning outcomes.

"Our prime focus is on keeping costs, and therefore tuition fees low at all times, while simultaneously building a strong culture of customer service and customer relationship management. The public response to our schools, some of which provide English-medium education and others in which there is heavy emphasis on teaching English, has been overwhelming and we are struggling to accommodate the huge demand for admissions,” says Sodha.

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